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Curriculum Night- Tuesday, September 13th @ 6:30 p.m.

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With a packed library at the June Board Meeting, Taft welcomed Kyra DeNormandie, 12 year-old founder and president of KidzPlay.  The KidzPlay website tells us, "Kyra DeNormandie is a 6th grade student at Hadley Middle School.  She plays basketball, is a Girl Scout, plays piano and percussion, rides horse, performs in local theater productions and is involved in several after school clubs.  In 2014, she realized that not all kids her age had the same opportunities to participate in these types of activities because of their families financials struggles.  She decided to do something about that and founded Kidz Play in December 2014.   Kyra has spoken at several local community groups about Kidz Play and continues to be an advocate for recreation programs and opportunities for all kids."  Because of the hard work of Kyra and her organization, $2,500 was donated to help reinstate track and science fair for the 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you Kyra and KidzPlay for your hard work to help our Taft Vikings!


The Mission of Taft District 90, in conjunction with  students, staff, parents, and community, is to provide a  safe and respectful learning environment, and to build strong citizens committed to achieving academic excellence.


Taft School believes in providing students with a safe and  secure environment that is clean and conducive to students’ learning; in providing students with the essential tools to empower them to be life-long learners; and education is a collaborative  effort among students, families, teachers, staff, community, and  administration.

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